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Spiritual and Moral Education

One of the fundamental principles of the Bahá’í Faith is Universal Education. ‘Abdu’l-Bahá states in The Promulgation of Universal Peace that:

“Bahá’u’lláh has announced that inasmuch as ignorance and lack of education are barriers of separation among mankind, all must receive training and instruction. Through this provision the lack of mutual understanding will be remedied and the unity of mankind furthered and advanced. Universal education is a universal law. It is, therefore, incumbent upon every father to teach and instruct his children according to his possibilities. If he is unable to educate them, the body politic, the representative of the people, must provide the means for their education.

The sex distinction which exists in the human world is due to the lack of education for woman, who has been denied equal opportunity for development and advancement. Equality of the sexes will be established in proportion to the increased opportunities afforded woman in this age, for man and woman are equally the recipients of powers and endowments from God, the Creator. God has not ordained distinction between them in His consummate purpose.”

Education for Children

“Train these children with divine exhortations. From their childhood instill in their hearts the love of God so they may manifest in their lives the fear of God and have confidence in the bestowals of God. Teach them to free themselves from human imperfections and to acquire the divine perfections latent in the heart of man. The life of man is useful if he attains the perfections of man… Therefore, make ye an effort in order that these children may be rightly trained and educated and that each of them may attain perfection in the world of humanity.”

~‘Abdu’l-Bahá A Compilation on Bahá’í Education

Children of all ages are welcome to attend children’s classes based on the Bahá’í Principles of unity and spiritual development, the curriculum for these classes include virtues and morals, stories and games, as well as working on arts and craft projects.

There are regular classes offered in various locations in the Cedar Rapids area. Please click on the “Request Information” for more information about the classes currently being offered.

Study Circles for Adults

The Bahá’í community offers to anyone interested in spiritual education a set of courses based on the Bahá’í Writings and prepared by the Ruhi Institute.

“In analyzing the rapid changes occurring in the world today,” as expressed by the Ruhi Institute, “Bahá’ís identify two parallel processes operating at all levels- village, town, nation, and global society. On the one hand, it is clear that human society is suffering from a process of disintegration that manifests itself in wars, terrorism, chaos, physical and psychological insecurity, and a widespread condition of material poverty. On the other hand, forces of integration are moving individuals and groups toward the adoption of new values, new forms of organization, and appropriate structures that can lay the foundation for the establishment of a new social order. The Ruhi Institute defines its basic aim as that of becoming a channel for the spiritual forces of our time to be applied to the lives of the masses of humanity, empowering them to contribute to the establishment of a new world civilization.”

In order to transform our society and establish a new world civilization based on love, unity and harmony, this set of courses use a system of study circles with participatory methods, emphasizing “promoting the well-being of humanity.”